Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why Medical Professionals Shop Medical Supplies At

DealMed is a physician medical supply distributor as well as a dialysis medical supply distributor.
We carry EMS medical supplies, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals andmedical equipment. We are a medical supply distributor for physician supplies.
Medical supplies for doctors are easy to purchase on our website. We welcome medical professionals to call or email any time with questions about availability of a product they can’t find on our site.
We value your business and seek to become your main source for EMS medical supplies and medical supplies for doctors as well as pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. We are also a vaccine distributor.
You will find a wide selection of in stock physician supplies, EMS medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment on our website. We are proud to provide products that help the medical and public safety professionals who serve others by providing emergency medical care. We support the valuable work of all medical, nurses, physicians and EMS workers.
Visit us online at for the best service and support where we carry thousands of name brand medical supplies for doctors and EMS professionals.
At DealMed, we offer what we call our true price policy. We do this because we care about our physician medical supplies and EMS medical supplies customers and want you to come back to us again for all of your medical supply and medical equipment needs. When we talk about our true price policy, what that means is that the price you see is the exact price you will pay. We don’t add in hidden fuel surcharges or ship on ice fees or extra taxes. The price you see on our website is the price you will pay. Period.
We also want you to know that we offer a level pricing program to each of our customers. Eligible customers are: physicians, EMS, hospital, surgery centers, and clinics. With our level pricing program you receive discounts on all items…not just your most commonly purchased items. A bonus to this program is that if the cost of an item goes up from our supplier, your price will only go up as much as the actual increase.
We do all of this to help you perform your duties without worrying about the next price increase on your medical supplies.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Purchasing Home Medical Supplies Online For Your Elderly Loved Ones

Healthcare supplies for the chronically ill, the elderly and for other health challenges are an ongoing need for many people and ordering these medical supplies online has made life a lot easier for the family and caregivers of these people.
Not only can family members of the elderly person or ill loved one save time and money by purchasing their medical supplies over the internet, there is also a huge selection online that a small corner drug store just doesn't have enough shelf space to offer.
In addition to the wide selection of helpful home medical supplies available to be purchased over the internet, another advantage of online ordering is that you can cover a lot of ground as you compare prices going from website to website. It beats getting in the car and driving all over town trying to find the best deals or calling each store to find their prices, waiting on hold for what seems like forever.
It is so important to do business with someone you trust when shopping online, so be sure to do your homework…read the reviews that previous customers left about their experience with an online retailer. Read about the product quality, delivery speed, communication from start to finish in the ordering process, and the company’s overall customer support. How satisfied where people? Would they buy from them again? Was the product as good as described?
You don’t want to settle simply for the lowest price when purchasing home medical supplies for your elderly parent or convalescing loved on. You’ll want to also keep quality in mind since you are trying to comfort your loved one in their time of need and make life better for them as much as you can. Often there can be a real difference between a brand name that you know you can trust and a low cost competitor that you've never heard of before.
Overall, when ordering medical equipment or healthcare supplies, whether ordering for yourself or a loved one, the internet is a great way to find just what you’re looking for in discount medical supplies. You get to compare both price and quality by checking out what others have said about their transactions with a particular company. And you feel satisfied that you did all you could to get the best deal available to you without sacrificing quality.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Traveling With Medical Supplies & Equipment

Whether winter break, Spring break or Summer vacation, traveling can be a more enjoyable experience when you prepare. Those with disabilities are often discouraged from travel, especially by plane. The obstacles in the path of smooth sailing seem to be insurmountable at times. Medical equipment and EMS medical supplies can add weight and inconvenience to the best of travelers. Navigating through a busy airport with heavy luggage and medical equipment is a daunting task. Fortunately, when you know what to expect, your travel experience will become so much lighter, even with the weight of any type of physicians’ supplies.
The first thing to keep in mind is that most airlines, if not all, will not count your medical devices or medical training supplies (if you are a field practitioner) as a carry-on. You can rest-assured that your snacks, change of clothes, toiletries and prescription medications are still entitled to their own space in a separate carry-on, not to be shared with medical devices. It is necessary to have a note from your doctor detailing what your condition is and what medical equipment you require. This will help you to avoid any obstacles in getting your carry-on and your medical equipment on the plane.
For those traveling with a high-quality wheelchair or the like, you may be able to keep it safe at home. Make some inquiries to your travel destination to find out if they have similar wheelchairs available for use or for a nominal rental fee. This can save you the risk of damage to your own quality wheelchair and can also free up some space and weight for your trip.If you have a metal implant, be sure to request a hand security check as opposed to an x-ray screening. It is also helpful to have an ID card on your person to present to security personnel. For those requiring oxygen, check with your airline’s regulation policy and upgrade to a FAA approved oxygen concentrator if necessary. Medical supplies online can be ordered in a minute and last you a lifetime if you only use certain ones for travel. It is definitely worth the investment.
While you surely will remember to pack the items you literally cannot live without, remember to include extension cords and chargers if applicable. Phone numbers of doctors, taxis, and other services should also make their way into your carry-on or purse. If you plan to drive once you reach your destination, take your Handicap placard along.
Last but not least, splurge on a few items that will enhance your travel experience. A neck pillow, your favorite book and a comfortable pair of headphones are all extras, but for those with disabilities it pays to splurge on these comfort-enhancing items.
Don’t allow your medical needs to stand in the way of a long over-due trip. Knowing what to expect and planning accordingly will make travel a smoother experience than you ever imagined.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Buying Medical Supplies and Equipment Online

Perhaps you’ve spent a lot of time seeking out the best prices and selection of home medical supplies in your local area and still wonder if you’re not paying too much. Or maybe you can’t even find what you are looking for at all.

The internet has opened up so many new channels for ordering healthcare supplies that you will be pleasantly surprised at the wide variety of discount medical supplies available to you for almost any medical condition.

It takes just minutes to do price comparison shopping online at a vast number of reliable online medical equipment and healthcare supplies websites as compared to hours of frustration visiting tiny under-stocked local drug stores spread out across your city that only stock a few brands.

While price should not be your only criteria, it is a major factor for many people with chronic conditions requiring constant reordering of medical supplies.

A person should, of course, also carefully consider the quality of the product they are purchasing.

Be sure to check out a company’s online reviews. It is so helpful to know if others had a super great experience with a company or if the company let them down somehow.
Try to find an online store that offers real person phone support and/or live chat. Even if you never end up calling them, it’s good to know that should you have a question before ordering or a problem after receiving your medical supplies, that they are easy to reach.

You may be making a purchase and seeking discount medical supplies such as adhesive tape, cloth tape, paper tape, plastic tape, antibiotic ointment, burn dressing supplies, gauze, applicators, cotton balls, hot and cold therapy products, etc…for yourself or for someone you are caring for at home or for use in a care facility.

Medical equipment specifically for health care facilities such as footstools, instrument stands, medical lighting, garbage bags, waste baskets, safety and rescue supplies, medical carts, digital scales, baby scales, batteries, cabinets or defibrillators can also be found online.

Discount medical supplies are easy to find and just as easy to purchase online. Do your homework to make sure you are dealing with a good online retailer…one with outstanding customer service ratings and one that makes their phone number easy to find on their website. Then enjoy the convenience of ordering anytime day or night that you feel like doing your shopping for healthcare supplies and medical equipment.