Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why Medical Professionals Shop Medical Supplies At

DealMed is a physician medical supply distributor as well as a dialysis medical supply distributor.
We carry EMS medical supplies, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals andmedical equipment. We are a medical supply distributor for physician supplies.
Medical supplies for doctors are easy to purchase on our website. We welcome medical professionals to call or email any time with questions about availability of a product they can’t find on our site.
We value your business and seek to become your main source for EMS medical supplies and medical supplies for doctors as well as pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. We are also a vaccine distributor.
You will find a wide selection of in stock physician supplies, EMS medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment on our website. We are proud to provide products that help the medical and public safety professionals who serve others by providing emergency medical care. We support the valuable work of all medical, nurses, physicians and EMS workers.
Visit us online at for the best service and support where we carry thousands of name brand medical supplies for doctors and EMS professionals.
At DealMed, we offer what we call our true price policy. We do this because we care about our physician medical supplies and EMS medical supplies customers and want you to come back to us again for all of your medical supply and medical equipment needs. When we talk about our true price policy, what that means is that the price you see is the exact price you will pay. We don’t add in hidden fuel surcharges or ship on ice fees or extra taxes. The price you see on our website is the price you will pay. Period.
We also want you to know that we offer a level pricing program to each of our customers. Eligible customers are: physicians, EMS, hospital, surgery centers, and clinics. With our level pricing program you receive discounts on all items…not just your most commonly purchased items. A bonus to this program is that if the cost of an item goes up from our supplier, your price will only go up as much as the actual increase.
We do all of this to help you perform your duties without worrying about the next price increase on your medical supplies.

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